About Sandrene

As an ordained Pastor of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr Sandrene serves as an evangelist, author, teacher, psalmist and recording artist.  Also, as a supportive wife and mother, she is an inspiration and mentor to women everywhere. She is committed to helping women, children and families discover their purpose and to reach their highest potential in Christ.

An author of several inspiring transformational books, Dr. Sandrene loves to build others up on how to obtain faith-sustaining health, prosperity and joy through biblical teachings.   Some of her titles include “What You Say, Is What You Get”, “It is Written, It Is Spoken” and now her most recent book, “My Children” which has become a best seller.

Among her many noteworthy titles and positions, Dr. Sandrene currently serves as President of Woman of Worth (WOW) – UK. As a sub-ministry of Global Miracle Gospel Ministries. WOW aims to bring God’s healing and restoration power into the lives of women, in order that they may embrace all that God wills to do through them in the Body of Christ.

Also, Dr. Sandrene’s commitment to helping others is evident through her lifestyle of service. She founded the ‘Feed My Sheep Outreach’ Charity. The goal of the curriculum is to show children that Jesus loves them enough that He sends people to lead them to Him through the gift of giving to them.

She frequently hosts Global Miracle Gospel Ministries Healing School. “It’s such a blessing and a privilege to see others set free under the power of the Word of God and under the power of the anointing!” She is the proud wife of Dr. Abraham Daniel-Joel, Senior Pastor and Founder of Global Miracle Gospel Ministries.

In addition to her achieving a Bible Teaching Certificate and a Christian Counselling Certificate, she holds a Master of Evangelism degree and a Doctor of Ministry degree. Above all her accomplishments, she considers supporting her husband in ministry and raising godly children her primary purpose. As a mother, she firmly believes that the best way to raise successful children is to be an active role model in demonstrating the love of God.