Healing, Health and Wholeness


O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me. – Psalm. 30:2.



Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, paid the price on the cross in full for our health, healing and wholeness. God has made complete provision for us to walk free from all sickness and disease. Our covenant keeping Father God has given us a covenant right to divine health. Satan is the author of sickness. If sickness tries to attack your body you have a legal right and obligation to refuse it. Do not fear, only believe. Rebuke it with all authority, because it is illegal. The Word is your weapon. Use it forcefully -have the tenacity of a bulldog! You can believe for a long productive life because it is the will of God that you prosper in your spirit, soul and body. Ensure that you do not talk sickness. 


The Bible says in, Proverbs 6:2 says, “Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth.” This Scripture is telling us that we can have whatsoever we say. Therefore, our words dominate us. Simply, if you keep saying something long enough (right or wrong) you’re going to start believing it. Once you keep saying something long enough its going manifest. What you say will dominate your life. If you talk sickness, sickness will hold you captive. You are imprisoned by your own words. If you say that you do not have faith, doubt will overshadow you. It will stop the activity of the healing power of God in your body. Never talk defeat or failure. If you are defeated in life, it’s only because you have defeated yourself. You can only defeat yourself in two areas. 


Firstly, by speaking negatively. Secondly, by not speaking the Word of God on a regularly basis – even when circumstances seem contrary to your affirmations. It will take time to develop the Word of God in your spirit. Naturally, it will depend upon how much time you dedicate to developing your spirit. Daily take your dosage(s) of healing Scriptures. Increase the amount if and when necessary. The Word of God is prevailing, powerful, energising and full of the eternal life of God and it works. 



Jesus Himself bore my sins in His own body on the tree so that I might die to sins and live righteously. He has already obtained healing for me, and by His stripes I have been healed and I accept it.

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